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Dylan Thomaz is an independent curator that has years of experience in the retail, interior design and marketing industries. Thomaz is passionate about the story behind the pieces curated for a space, as well as how the whole space comes together in one narrative. He has previously lead the visual merchandising division for one of Africa's leading homeware companies, as well as working for other international retailers. He was formally trained in interior design and runs a renowned interior design firm that specialises in timeless sophistication across all design platforms.


"I believe your space should tell the story of who you are. What you love most, collected and saved up for... All your objects, finds, hand-me-downs . . . spelling out who you are in the world, all curated in a unique way.There isn’t a single item in my own home that doesn’t have a story behind it.  It is important to me. The story matters, and this inspires me everyday."